According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has announced a new feature for Microsoft teams. The feature, expected to be launched in November, is an AI based de-noising system that will outperform the current version’s ability to eliminate unwanted background sounds. < p > < p > Microsoft said: “the Microsoft team will add AI based real-time noise reduction. This feature will automatically remove unwanted background noise during meetings. The working principle of noise suppression based on AI is to analyze personal audio signal and use specially trained deep neural network to filter out noise while retaining only speech signal. This is an update to the existing noise suppression function. Users can now control the level of noise suppression they want. “High” is a new feature, which will suppress more background noise. ” < / P > < p > seeing that Microsoft has announced the same features so quickly, it is not difficult to feel the importance that Microsoft attaches to the competition in remote work solutions. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure