Recently, it has been reported that Microsoft has negotiated with Bungie, the developer of fortune series. However, the CEO of Bungie responded today that the acquisition rumors were false. Gamebeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who often gives out inside information, recently said that he heard about Microsoft’s plan to buy Bungie. However, due to the high price of Bungie, the negotiation between the two sides failed many times. In addition, foreign media eurogamer also reported the same news. Eurogamer, citing “confirmed” information from its own insiders, learned that Microsoft and Bungie had entered into takeover negotiations. < p > < p > Bungie CEO Pete Parsons responded to the incident on twitter today. He said the reports were false. With Parsons’ response, I believe the rumor about Microsoft’s acquisition of Bungie has come to an end. In fact, Microsoft and Bungie had a very famous and successful cooperation history. Microsoft acquired Bungie in 2000, and then they launched halo: Battle evolution. Bungie was Microsoft’s internal studio until 2007, when Bungie bought back its independence. Later, Bungie developed Halo 3: Hell’s paratroopers and halo: zhiyuanxing to complete the contract with Microsoft, and later developed a new IP, destiny, with Activision. Privacy Policy