has been exposed to nail polish carcinogens over 1400 times a month. After the listing of the NYSE for half a month, Ye Guofu, the founder and chief executive of the famous creative product, announced that he would invest one hundred million yuan in his personal investment, and set up a “quality assurance fund of 100 million yuan for quality products”, which would immediately compensate consumers for the quality problems. On October 27, mingchuangyoupin held a quality strategy conference with the theme of “better life, affordable quality” in Guangzhou, where ye Guofu announced the plan. On the same day, ye Guofu also made a thought-provoking response to “Ali’s march into yiyuandian”. He says it’s something he’s been worried about recently, but he’s “very welcome, because more brands are starting to make this track affordable.”. However, ye Guofu also said: “I’m very worried that it (ALI) can’t do a good job in product quality, because even if it’s selling things for one yuan, we should ensure the high quality of the products. We can’t make people think that the one yuan thing should be a bad thing, and low price can’t be a pass for low quality,” he said.

for nail polish quality problems, Ye Guofu made the first public response since the incident. He said that over 30 thousand unqualified nail polish products had come into the market due to the management of famous brand products. < p > < p > Ye Guofu disclosed to the media such as observer.com how to deal with the matter at present. More than 31000 pieces have been recalled and removed from the shelves, but 2409 pieces still flow into the market. For the unqualified nail polish that flows into the market, Ye Guofu said it would buy and destroy the consumer at the price of 10 times the original price. However, ye Guofu and Dou Na, the person in charge of mingchuangyoupin product center, in subsequent interviews, never disclosed to observer.com which link of product quality inspection was wrong. They just repeatedly emphasized respecting the test results of Shanghai Quality Inspection Bureau. < p > < p > Ye Guofu also announced on the spot that in view of the impact of this incident, mingchuang superior products will launch a “1 + 1 + 1 management and control mechanism”, and the products will go through the “self inspection” of the quality inspection laboratory, the “other inspection” of the third-party product quality inspection organization and the final inspection of the national quality inspection department. < / P > < p > according to the prospectus submitted by mingchuangyu to the NYSE, mingchuangyu has more than 8000 core SKUs. Dou Na admits that there are a variety of product categories in the store, reaching more than 270, and is still keeping the speed of 400 SKUs per month. < p > < p > Dou admitted that this brought challenges to the overall planning and operation of stores. She believes that the core competitiveness of famous innovative products is based on consumers’ insight into innovation. “We capture the potential demand of consumers through consumer data, and quickly transform the demand into product listing through the speed advantage of miniso supply chain”. < p > < p > in terms of inventory turnover, Dou Na introduces that famous innovative products adopt the mechanism of “small single quick running”, which classifies the stores and products to be listed. Before the new products are launched, they will be put on trial sale in the stores. If the sales volume is greater than the average daily sales of similar products, they will be quickly returned to the order and sold; if the sales are not good, they will be digested in local stores or transferred to other stores for sales, In order to reduce the trial sale of products. Global Tech