Today, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued a notice calling for strengthening the special rectification work of paraquat. Paraquat pesticides can only be used for export, and domestic sales are prohibited. According to the notice, before November 1, 2020, the production qualification and conditions of paraquat mother drug manufacturers shall be checked. Those without production license will no longer retain the pesticide registration certificate for overseas use only of paraquat mother drug and preparation. According to Announcement No. 269 of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, paraquat products produced by enterprises producing paraquat masterbatch can only be used for export and paraquat shall not be sold in China. The chemical name of paraquat is 1-1-dimethyl-4-4-bipyridine cation salt (PQ), also known as paraquat, Kewuzong and bala. It was first developed by the British Imperial Chemical Industry Group (the predecessor of Syngenta AG, the world’s largest pesticide enterprise). However, paraquat is also a very cruel poison, with a very low lethal dose. The lethal dose of paraquat is about 30-40 mg / kg. Long term exposure to paraquat solution higher than 5 mg% can also cause death. If the skin is damaged, the concentration lower than this can also cause fatal poisoning. < / P > < p > people who drink paraquat to commit suicide will be very painful. It will not let people die immediately, but the pulmonary fibrosis caused by it is irreversible. Netizens call it “suicide by drinking paraquat”. It will give you time to regret, but not the opportunity to regret. At present, there is no specific drug for paraquat. However, in April this year, a Chinese pharmaceutical company named Red Sun announced the research and development of paraquat specific drug. At present, the structure confirmation of the small molecule compound of antidote has been completed, and the synthetic route and process have been verified, reaching the research stage of preclinical candidate compound (PCC). It is estimated that the follow-up research and development process will take 2-3 times About a year. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities