According to people’s daily On September 24, sun Wenjian, spokesman of the Ministry of transport, said at a press conference that according to the notice of the State Council on Approving and transmitting the implementation plan of exempting minibus tolls for major holidays by the Ministry of transport and other departments, toll roads across the country will be free of minibus tolls during the National Day and Mid Autumn Festival holidays, with the specific free period starting at 00:00 on October 1 and 24:00 on October 8 end. Among them, the ordinary toll road is based on the time when the vehicle passes through the toll lane of the toll station, and the expressway is based on the time when the vehicle leaves the toll lane at the exit. Sun Wenjian said that this year’s “Golden Week” holiday is the first long holiday since the epidemic prevention and control work has entered into normalization. It also has a superposition of national day and Mid Autumn Festival holidays, which is one more day than usual. The public demand for visiting relatives and friends and traveling abroad is strong, and due to the limitation of overseas travel, the domestic transportation network will remain at a high level during the festival. The first is to strengthen epidemic prevention and control. Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be strengthened through joint efforts of departments, strict transportation equipment disinfection, implementation of epidemic prevention measures and information registration system, and strengthening transportation supply, improving the ability of transportation and reducing personnel aggregation, and effectively blocking the risk of new crown pneumonia through transportation channels. < / P > < p > the second is to pay attention to safety production. We will strengthen safety supervision in key areas such as “two passengers and one danger” and urban public transport. In conjunction with operators, we should strictly identify and supervise all kinds of illegal behaviors, and strengthen the prevention and control measures. The third is to carry out analysis, research and judgment. Strengthen communication with meteorological departments, pay close attention to weather changes, timely grasp meteorological disaster information and issue major highway traffic weather warning. The fourth is to strengthen the operation monitoring. We will implement the working mechanism of provincial and provincial capitals, focus on strengthening the operation monitoring of important transport channels, provincial main line toll stations, and roads around scenic spots, so as to ensure timely disposal in case of any situation. The fifth is to strengthen service guarantee. We will improve the information release system, timely release road conditions, traffic meteorology, diversion and detour information in various forms to guide the public to make reasonable travel arrangements. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen

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