Apple also officially announced its new MagSafe accessory standard when it launched the iPhone 12 series a few weeks ago. With the MagSafe component built into the back cover of the iPhone 12, accessory manufacturers can bring more products to play with. < / P > < p > moment convenience, which is famous for making external lens accessories for mobile phones, recently launched a series of MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12, including MagSafe mobile phone protective case and MagSafe mounting base for quick installation of external lens and other photographic accessories. < / P > < p > the moment MagSafe mobile phone case contains both lightweight and protective styles, and a new embedded lens interface will be included to install moment’s M series external lens. < / P > < p > the latter is a series of mounting bases for photographic accessories launched by the manufacturer. With the magnetic absorption characteristics of MagSafe, these bases can be firmly attached to the back of the iPhone, and then more photographic accessories can be connected through the 1 / 4 universal expansion port. In addition, the pro version also includes an extra cold boot, which can be used with microphone and fill light. Global Tech