Many children start to learn to ride at the same time, parents will always choose to buy the left and right side of the balance car with auxiliary wheels. Although it looks ugly, it can help children get started quickly. But mondraker, a Spanish start-up, has brought a more modern solution, the new electric grommy balance car.

there are 12 inch versions for 2-3 years old and 16 inch versions for 5-8 years old. Both electric balance vehicles are equipped with 250W brushless central drive motor, a 4ah battery that can provide 60 minutes of riding, and the right handle can adjust the speed. There are three power modes, with a top speed of 17.7 kph (11 mph), or a little faster than your sprint on most treadmills.

this balance car has excellent balance features, which can help children get started faster. If your baby staggers to the park on this bike, you may be the coolest kid on the block. But the car is not cheap, starting at 749 euros.