Residents of Los Angeles County who have been vaccinated with the covid-19 vaccine can add their digital record of vaccination to the apple wallet app. It is reported that the county is working with healthvana to add vaccination certificates to the iPhone’s wallet app. It is understood that healthvana is a patient platform through which medical service providers can provide patients with covid-19 test results. < / P > < p > vaccination records help ensure that vaccinated people get a second vaccination in the course of two vaccinations. In the future, it could be used as a demonstration of vaccination on boarding flights, concerts and other occasions, according to the company. < / P > < p > “we’re really worried. We really want people to come back for a second dose, “Claire jarashow, director of vaccine preventable disease control in Los Angeles, told Reuters.” we just don’t have the ability to process hundreds of requests for medical records to find out people’s first dose and when they need a second dose. ” < / P > < p > immunization is also tracked in the registration, and the vaccinator will receive a paper card, but to be honest, such a card is easy to lose, so the wallet application can be used as a more permanent proof. < / P > < p > the county plans to send data to healthvana every night and store the information on Amazon Web Service (AWS) HIPAA compliant servers. < / P > < p > as of December 22, Los Angeles has injected at least 38850 doses of covid-19 vaccine to health care workers, staff of long-term care institutions and nursing staff. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure