Foreign media reported that Activitv had delivered mysterious military crates to its “call of duty 17” partners, but it said it should not be opened before midnight on August 10. Currently, Charlie Intel and several YouTube creators have shared the contents of the supply box, one of which contains items related to the new season of call of Duty: Theater, and the other is locked. Obviously, Activision plans to release more details on the new work “call of Duty: black action, cold war” on Monday.

Activision wrote in the note that the company will send a mysterious number next Monday so that we can know what drugs are sold in the gourd.

it is reported that call of duty 17 was developed by treyarch and raven software, which has worked with black ops. Previously, the studio also participated in the production of modern warfare 3 (2011), ghost (2013), modern war and reprint (2016).