Recently, Hamad al marzoqi, the project manager of the UAE lunar exploration program, introduced the details of the UAE lunar exploration program at a seminar. In 2024, the lunar rover officially named Rashid will land on the near earth side of the moon. At present, five possible landing sites have been preliminarily selected. < / P > < p > the selection of landing site is based on the following criteria: there is no slope greater than 15 degrees around, the height of obstacles such as rocks is less than 30cms, and it is in the mid latitude position of the near earth side of the moon. “After a few months, we have a list of five landing sites. We plan to eventually choose one of them, as well as a backup location in case of emergency. We will disclose the conclusions of these discussions in the coming months or next year. ” Said marzoc. < p > < p > earlier, the vice president and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai chief Muhammad announced the formal launch of the UAE’s lunar exploration program, and will send the “Rashid” lunar rover to the moon before 2024 to carry out exploration missions. The four wheeled “Rashid” lunar rover weighs 10 kg, has a maximum speed of 10 cm / s and can travel on a slope of 20 degrees, project manager of the UAE lunar exploration program said. There are two communication systems and detection instruments including thermal imager and microscopic imager. “We will do petrological studies to understand the geology of the moon and the plasma conditions on the surface of the moon.” Global Tech