The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead. Phil Schiller, 60, is one of the most recognizable “pioneers” in the whole technology industry. The name may sound a little strange, but he’s a regular and familiar face at Apple’s press conferences – after the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, he personally presided over the launch of almost every iPhone, including the iPhone 11 series.

in fact, in addition to CEO Tim Cook, Phil Schiller is probably Apple’s most visible executive.

Phil Schiller was born on June 8, 1960, and graduated from university in 1982. It’s amazing that what he studied at Boston College was not computer science, but biology.

after graduation, Phil Schiller quickly moved from biology to technology. He worked in a hospital in Massachusetts, but worked as a programmer and system analyst. In 1985, he became an IT Engineer at Nolan Norton & amp; Co.

in 1987, Phil Schiller joined apple. Today, he has been associated with apple for 33 years.

later, in 1997, Steve Jobs returned to apple, and Phil Schiller also rejoined apple, continuing to open his career in apple, and from then on, he became a loyal partner of Steve jobs.

interestingly, it wasn’t until the next year, in 1998, that Tim Cook joined apple under the recruitment of Steve Jobs – and, of course, Tim Cook had a very high starting point.

one point that can’t be ignored is that the classic wheel design that once appeared on the iPod benefited from Phil Schiller.

of course, the popularity and recognition of Phil Schiller in the science and technology circle is mainly due to the apple press conference; especially in the apple conference led by Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller often played a supporting role.

at this time, from his return to apple, he has also spent 23 years in the post of general manager of Apple marketing – his life has been firmly bound to apple.

Phil helped Apple become a company like today. His contribution is extensive, extensive and in-depth. In this new position, he will continue to offer his incredible intellectual collaboration, as well as his decades of mentoring experience at Apple.

Apple fellow refers to a person who has been recognized by apple because of his extraordinary technology or leadership contribution in personal computers during his work in apple. Each apple fellow acts as a leader and visionary, guiding the company in its own area of expertise; they are also granted stock options to the company.

it can be seen that Apple fellow is more like an official honor granted by apple. It aims to remember those who have made great contributions to the development of apple, which is a bit similar to the feeling of “Apple Lifetime Achievement Award” “Apple Hall of fame”.

These include apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Turing Award winner Alan Kay, and world-famous designer don Norman (who is also the author of Design Psychology) who has contributed to Apple’s design.

of course, in terms of his contribution to Apple’s marketing, Phil Schiller really deserves the title.

what’s interesting is that, to a certain extent, apple fellow as an honorary title actually means that the winner is about to retire. However, Phil Schiller has not yet fully come down.

from the current situation, he is still in charge of the app store. This is not surprising, because Apple is now caught in a huge whirlpool of public opinion because of the app store, and it has been targeted by the U.S. antitrust authorities. Phil Schiller is still needed to solve the problem and deal with the aftermath.

interestingly, Phil Schiller is also in charge of Apple events – that is, he will probably continue to talk about the iPhone 12 series at Apple’s fall launch this year.

specifically, apple promoted Greg joswiak (joz) to senior vice president, responsible for Apple’s global marketing; he has also been at Apple for more than 20 years.

joz’s many years of leadership in the product marketing organization makes him well suited for this new role and will ensure a seamless transition when the team is engaged in such important and exciting work. I’m glad that the entire executive team has benefited from his cooperation, ideas and energy.

it can be seen that Apple’s product marketing team is in the process of transition. Phil Schiller did not quit completely, which is also to help Apple make a better transition in marketing.

of course, although Phil Schiller has left, Apple’s overall organizational structure has not changed, and its marketing team will remain stable. In this sense, Apple’s marketing style should not change greatly.