In almost every of the 12 Republican states, the attorney general is investigating Google’s online advertising business, led by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton. People familiar with the matter said Paxton is likely to continue preparing his own suit while joining the Justice Department case. Paxton’s case is likely to be independent of the Justice Department case. It is understood that the number of state documents that have not yet been signed may affect the number of states that have yet to sign. But on the other hand, more states may decide to join after the lawsuit is filed. < / P > < p > different states have different focuses on Google. Even after the lawsuit is formally filed in the next few weeks, some states are likely to continue to investigate other aspects of Google’s huge business and file other lawsuits in the coming months. < / P > < p > a person familiar with the matter said prosecutors General of both parties are investigating Google’s potential anti competitive behavior on the Android mobile operating system. Another person familiar with the matter said that some States opposed bringing Android into the lawsuit on the grounds that it was too extensive. Global Tech