For a while, netizens fried the pot, saying, “goodbye to meituan” and “it is necessary to restrain enterprises against monopoly”. After that, meituan apologized, but it seemed unable to persuade investors. Today, meituan’s share price fell 3%, and its market value of more than 40 billion yuan evaporated. < / P > < p > on December 17, an article called “I was cut leeks by meituan members” swiped the screen. Based on the author’s experience of ordering takeout, the author found that in the same store on meituan, with the same delivery address and at the same time, the delivery fee of members is higher than that of non members. According to the article, it was thought that opening takeout members would save money, but almost all takeout merchants nearby had delivery fees 1-5 yuan higher than non members. < / P > < p > for a while, the employees who bought meituan members felt that their feelings had been hurt, and they issued tearful “complaints” in microblog, Zhihu, black cat complaints and the circle of friends: “price discrimination”, “cutting members’ leeks”, “eating ugly” Netizens seem to be loaded with ammunition, aiming at meituan together. At the same time, Chen meituan was killed, and the takeaway member quickly ranked fifth on the hot microblog search list of that day. By the time of publication, 570 million people had read about the topic and 44000 discussions had been formed. < / P > < p > after that, meituan’s takeout side made a clear response that the difference of delivery fee has nothing to do with the membership. Due to the existence of location cache in the software, the user’s last historical location was wrongly used, resulting in a deviation from the user’s actual location, resulting in inaccurate estimation of delivery fee. When the actual order is placed, it will be calculated according to the actual delivery address and will not be affected. < / P > < p > in the response statement, meituan takeout expressed its apology to users, but netizens said they would not buy meituan’s statement and attitude. “When everyone is a fool”, “do you believe it”, “clearly is familiar, but also make up an excuse?”??? Shameless Every platform has such a situation, but the exposure is not rectified! ” “Let’s forget this reason. The positioning can also be cached. Can you send the wrong address?” no matter whether you believe it or not, I’m the mother or not. Should the market supervision bureau check it Global Tech