Yesterday morning, some netizens suddenly found that the official website of game Fengyun couldn’t be opened. After the incident was uploaded to the microblog, it caused a great stir, and netizens began to guess whether the game was closed down. Before long, BBC (microblog @ Zhang Hongsheng) and 117, the backbone members of the game, respectively sent a micro blog to remember the game, which seemed to confirm the speculation. < p > < p > as an old spectator, seeing the game is OK, Xiao FA breathed a sigh of relief and asked himself a question: “how long have I not seen the game?”. < p > < p > the game wind and cloud channel can be said to carry the memories of a generation, is the game enlightenment of countless players, is also the “Huangpu Military Academy” of China’s e-sports, and is the “banner” of that era. < p > < p > that was the era of the rise of the Internet in China. All kinds of computer games were rapidly popularized in China, and they quickly occupied the first place in the list of their hobbies. < p > < p > in my spare time, I prefer to go to 17173 and other websites to read the game strategy, or look at the popular software, computer park game strategy and other journals. < p > < p > GamesTV is set up in a cafe by Wu Qiang, Zhang Zhexi, Zhang Rui, Wen Shengke and other people who like to play games. They plan to do games programs. By the way, let’s see if it is possible to receive several advertisements. At that time, IgE, a virtual goods trading company in the United States, was planning to acquire some media companies in China. Wen Shengke and general manager of IgE China were classmates, so GameTV was acquired by IgE. < p > < p > in the era when the concept of “E-sports” was just beginning to popularize, CS, StarCraft and Warcraft 3 were the top of the list. < / P > < p > however, the interested players can only get the relevant information of the game by watching the video and the battle report after the game. At that time, there was almost no live broadcast on the Internet, because the network speed was not allowed. < p > < p > all these changes took place in 2005. Through his unremitting efforts, Zhang Zhexi, one of the founders of GameTV, won the free broadcast right of WCG2005 world finals. < / P > < p > the so-called painstaking efforts are never lost. The live broadcast of GameTV has achieved great success. This is also the first time that most Chinese E-sports fans have seen the live pictures of this world-class competition simultaneously, which has greatly enhanced the attention of E-sports in China. In addition, sky also won the first WCG world champion of Warcraft III in China this year, which is full of gold, and the national E-sports atmosphere can be said to be promoted at once. < p > < p > with the successful experience of WCG, GamesTV successfully broadcast the starsworr2 game in 2006, which also had a very good response, and everything was gradually on the right track. As GamesTV has always been a non-governmental organization, they do not have the official qualifications of “license for information network transmission of audio-visual programs” and “license for production and operation of radio and television programs”. Although the government has not come forward to deal with it, it is as dangerous as a bomb that will explode at any time. < p > < p > on both sides, one has money and some people have programs, but there is no channel and no license; the other has a channel with a license, but lacks relevant professionals, so they hit it off. < / P > < p > after the merger, the program list of the game wind channel includes the “daily travel newspaper” which collects the latest game information, the “video game treasure book” explaining competitive games, the “leisure block” focusing on host games, and the “competitive paradise” specially broadcasting various competitions. < p > < p > every night, the game will hold a water friend competition, so that the audience can not only be the audience, but also participate in the program more deeply and become a part of the program. In addition, the hosts are old players with rich game experience, and the hosting style is relatively relaxed and humorous. The game Fengyun has attracted a large number of fixed audiences in a short time. It is not too much to say that the game cloud channel has cultivated the first batch of game hosts and game audiences in China. < p > < p > in 2007, game Fengyun also established its own E-sports League g League, which is the earliest and oldest E-sports League in China. < p > < p > the G League covered all the popular E-sports events at that time, from StarCraft, Warcraft, DOTA, to dota2 and the League of heroes. < / P > < p > it is also because the game has spared no effort to promote e-sports, so countless audiences can see the classic duels and know those legendary professional players with brilliant talents. < / P > < p > the names of each member of the game wind and cloud channel are also the collective memories of players, such as BBC, 117, Haitao, bicycle, 820, Lao Yang, Zhang Rui, miss, Shuyi… < / P > < p > this group of people with distinct personality can be said to be the earliest “E-sports practitioners”. There are many professional players, but more are “ordinary people”. They let many players understand a truth: even if they have no talent to become professional players, they can also contribute to their favorite game industry in other ways. However, the brilliance will eventually turn to dim. In the past ten years, the rapid rise of video websites and live broadcasting websites has changed the habits of the audience, and the traditional TV media has begun to go downhill. < p > < p > and G League was burning money in the first few years, because the domestic E-sports environment has never started as early as South Korea, and the popularity of digital TV and Internet is not high, and few advertisers are willing to pay. < / P > < p > it is not easy to gradually get on the right track. However, after the entry of capital, G League gradually lost its “status in the world”. In recent years, the game wind and cloud channel also has a sense of hero’s twilight, involving a lot of lawsuits. The core members of the early days of the game, such as treatment and disagreement, left to start their own business. < p > < p > Haitao, BBC and 117 founded imbatv, which is still the most influential game video brand in China. As an old spectator, Xiaofa felt very happy for them, but also felt sorry for them. What’s happy is that this is also the fruit of the game storm’s hard work on the wasteland of China’s E-sports in those years, and all its efforts have become the nourishment for the booming Chinese e-sports industry. < / P > < p > when there is a gathering, there will be a break up. In fact, this is not a particularly difficult thing to accept. Besides, with the development of live broadcasting and online media, is it not easy to watch a game? < / P > < p > only occasionally, I still want to see the BBC and Lao Yang host the program again, and I want to watch Rui Ye play the stand-alone game with little bear and rabbit again… Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen