According to a poll shared by gqr research and Axios, 52% of voters support a complete shutdown of social media platforms within a week of the presidential election. While technology companies have aggressively launched new safeguards around election related misinformation and closed many foreign led interventions this year, critics remain concerned that social media is a vehicle for deceptive information at home and abroad. < p > < p > on the eve of the election, twitter completely banned political advertising, Facebook banned new political advertising a week before the election day, and Youtube announced its crackdown on deceptive advertising as early as this summer. < / P > < p > the survey, commissioned by accountable tech, asked 1000 registered voters in early September. Some notable results are obtained. < / P > < p > Facebook is the most used social platform (65%), but 52% of people hold a negative view on it. Compared with other social media and traditional media, Facebook is the least trusted news source. < / P > < p > 62% said they did not believe that social media companies could prevent election related misinformation, and 91% believed that social media companies should do more to prevent their dissemination. < p > < p > 82% of the respondents supported putting warning labels on the accounts that spread false voting information, and 85% supported completely banning Posts calling for violence or spreading election error information. Global Tech