JP Morgan, the investment bank, expects apple to report September earnings, which will moderately exceed expectations, and expects iPhone 12 related revenue to continue to rise. In a note to investors seen by Apple insider, analyst Samik Chatterjee pointed out that Apple’s share price continued to outperform the S & P 500 index, driven by iPhone demand, iPad and MAC sales driven by telecommuting and education, and continued momentum in Apple’s services business. The bank forecasts that Apple’s revenue will reach $64.7 billion, with earnings per share of $0.73. Chatterjee points out that’s higher than the Wall Street consensus of $63.8 billion in revenue and $0.70 in earnings per share. For the September quarter, Chatterjee predicts limited short-term upside to iPhone sales;. This is mainly because no new iPhone models were released in the September quarter, so shipments were driven by existing models. < p > < p > based on this, JP Morgan lowered its forecast of iPhone shipments in September quarter to 42 million units, due to a drop in short-term demand driven by the expected release of 5g new iPhones. Data from caict and wave7 seem to support this argument. The analyst expects the iPhone se to account for 38% of Apple’s total handset shipments in the quarter, followed by the iPhone 11, accounting for 36%. However, Chatterjee does not rule out a slight increase in Apple’s fourth quarter. The continued coronavirus pandemic continues to maintain demand for iPad and MAC categories, while the introduction of Apple watch Se and apple watch series 6 may drive strong demand for wearable devices. < / P > < p > looking beyond the September quarter, Chatterjee expects the iPhone 12 series to drive demand. The analyst raised its forecast for iPhone shipments in December to 85.5 million from 83.5 million. Throughout 2020, Chatterjee predicts that Apple’s iPhone shipments will rise from 225.1 million to about 230.5 million. The analyst maintained his AAPL target price of $150, expected earnings per share of $5.02 and a mixed P / E multiple of about 30 times. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States