Morgan Stanley said Apple’s new product launch next week will push the tech giant’s shares higher. Morgan Stanley raised Apple’s revenue and earnings forecast by 2% in 2021, 5% to 6% higher than market consensus expectations, as it saw “next week’s iPhone launch as a catalyst to push Apple’s share price toward its $130 target price.”. Analysts at Morgan Stanley also said earlier that the upcoming new iPhone had a positive impact on Apple’s stock price, and the data also showed that the iPhone was occupying market share in China and Europe. Data show that the number of iPhones with more than two years of age in China has reached a record, laying the foundation for a “potentially strong upgrade cycle” after the release of iPhones. The “major” upgrade cycle is “the strongest in at least four years” and iPhone shipments are expected to “significantly accelerate in fy2021.”. < p > < p > Apple has previously announced that the second launch of this autumn will be held on October 14, Beijing time, which is still online. If there is no accident, the iPhone 12 series, which has been long expected by the masses, will be released on this day. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park