Although Google Maps does lead us to the right destination, for some people, there is still a need for more visual reminders to figure out where they are or where they want to go. Sometimes we use Google Street View to confirm more detailed information about our surroundings before we go to a destination. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to create a streetscape because of the need for some hardware and privacy protection. But Google’s upcoming drive mode is expected to solve the problem by simply picking up the camera. < / P > < p > unlike Google maps, Google Street view is not only embedded in Google maps as a function, but also has a separate application. It allows you to walk around the world without leaving home. Street view is also a very useful tool for navigation, exploration and education, but creating content for street view services usually requires a 360 degree camera and a device that supports shooting in various directions. < / P > < p > in the early days of streetscape service, Google had to rely on cars with such settings at the bottom. Google then launched Trekker (street view backpack) specifically for areas where roads and vehicles are difficult to access. Later, Google allowed users to upload street view content themselves. < / P > < p > reddit users_ -J-G-_ Recently, a new “driving mode” option has been found in Google Street View stand-alone applications. According to the content of the post, he said he uploaded street view content only with his smartphone, instead of using a 360 degree camera. The whole process will automatically blur the face and number plate. Global Tech