One of Japan’s largest publishing groups, the Centennial talk agency set up the award “wild Publishing Culture Award” on November 2, today announced the latest award-winning works, from the novel, animation, game three major fields of outstanding author works award-winning, let’s have a look. The unoka Publishing Culture Award was set up in 2019 by Japan’s largest publishing group, Japan’s largest publishing group, with a history of 111 years. This year, it is the second one, which specially recognizes the authors or works who have made outstanding contributions in publishing. This year’s unoka Publishing Culture Award is awarded by outstanding authors and works from the three major fields of fiction, animation and games. < p > < p > cartoonists create social phenomena by virtue of the blade of the ghost, and create new popularity records in comics, animation and surrounding areas, which greatly drives the upsurge of Japanese animation culture. < / P > < p > games, the latest sequel of Nintendo’s masterpieces, has sold more than 22.4 million copies worldwide, and its influence is not only second to none in the game field, but also derived to various multicultural fields. Global Tech