We’ve been waiting for the new iPhone 12 series to be released tonight. There have been innumerable leaks and speculations in the past about what this device will bring or what it will look like. Just a few hours before the official unveiling, we saw the complete appearance of the device. We believe that it is from the official rendering. All the following pictures are provided by Evan Blass. The content from this source has always had a high accuracy rate. < / P > < p > however, apart from the border differences, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro look like the iPhone 11 series from the camera component on the back, which should not surprise many people. The bangs on the front of the fuselage occupy a significantly smaller proportion of the screen height. Apple has brought some new color choices, and we know there will be four iPhones in total, but now we have images of all colors in both models. < / P > < p > now, these devices don’t look different than we expected, but they look better than the iPhone’s predecessors. Compared with the iPhone 12 and 12 pro, the design of the larger max series is not much different except that it has a larger body: < A= https://ibmwl.com/image-google-secretly-tests-6ghz-networks-in-17-states-of-the-united-states/ target=_ blank>[image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States