According to foreign media slashgear, Inkas is a company that produces armored versions of luxury cars and vans, mainly for VIPs who attach great importance to safety. The company’s latest product is the Inkas Mercedes Benz sprinter, part limousine and part mobile office. The most prominent feature of the interior of this product is that an L-shaped workstation is designed at the back of the product, so that the travel executives can also keep working during the journey. < / P > < p > the car is based on the Mercedes Benz sprinter 3500 van. The interior features fully customizable flooring and interior. Bulletproof materials can be selected for appearance. The interior can accommodate five passengers, and there is still room to recline and relax. There is a swivel chair in the corner office, and the rest are four sets of electrically adjustable bench chairs. < / P > < p > the multi-purpose vehicle is also equipped with a 45 inch smart TV, wireless connectivity, a large number of USB ports and advanced entertainment systems. Between the first two rows of seats is a movable table that can eat or work on the road. All of the driver’s seats are treated top leather with massage and adjustable pedals. < / P > < p > in order to meet the needs of long-distance travel, a drawer type refrigerator is integrated at the bottom of the driver’s seat to store drinks. The cockpit and the rear passenger compartment are separated, but the vehicle is equipped with intercom system, which will remind the driver when the passengers need to get off and stretch their legs. < / P > < p > other cool features include the addition of 360 degree monitoring system, CCTV system, command and control center, signal shielding and filtering system. The utility vehicle integrates an air purifier system and an electric door assist system, as well as a biometric safe. Inkas has not yet announced its price. Skip to content