Musk just opened a room on Clubhouse, and this Silicon Valley social software became famous overnight.

And this room called “Elon Musk on Good Time” swarmed 5,000 people in an instant.

Even some people couldn’t get in even if they wanted to, even Musk himself “squeezed” in.

Upon seeing this, netizens also exclaimed that Musk was worthy of the “top class”.

In an instant, everyone was asking for invitation codes. What is even more exaggerated is that if you search for Clubhouse on Twitter, a large number of scalper advertisements such as “10 USD 3 invitation codes” will pop up.

Soon these invitation codes will be robbed. After a while, the price climbed to $10 an invitation code, and then it was robbed.

On eBay, the price of this invitation code is even more exaggerated, generally ranging from tens of dollars to 100 dollars, and the highest price is actually 125 dollars.