Elon Musk, chief executive of SpaceX, the US space exploration technology company, whose ultimate goal is to colonize Mars. He believes that sending humans to Mars is no longer a problem, but survival on the red planet is a greater challenge. At the recent summit of “human to Mars”, musk shared the progress of SpaceX spacecraft and rockets, but also expressed concern about building a base on Mars. According to musk, it will be “very difficult” to build a self-sufficient Martian City, and the settlers may face many dangers while developing the galactic civilization. “What I want to emphasize is that it’s a very difficult and dangerous thing, not for the timid,” Musk said. The first colonists on Mars are likely to die on Mars. It will be a very difficult process, but it will be a great honor if it is to succeed in the end < / P > < p > musk and many others are working on planning and hope to minimize the risk of death of Martian colonists due to difficulties or accidents. In fact, their goal is to allow people to die comfortably on Mars after a long work and play life, at least to make it look more like life on earth. < / P > < p > there have been many questions about how humans colonize Mars. For example, how can we target hundreds of starships in Musk program at the right time to realize the shortest and safest travel? How will the spacecraft land safely on the surface of Mars? How will astronauts spend a year of space travel comfortably in a small space? < / P > < p > all of these problems need to be solved before human contact with the surface of Mars, and after arriving on Mars, the colonists’ logistics will become a big problem. According to current estimates, the trip itself will take several years, and participants in the colonial project will be told that the trip may be one-way. < / P > < p > these people will continue to work and live on Mars until the natural end of life. In addition, musk pointed out that bad conditions could easily lead to the accidental death of colonists. Speaking at the meeting, musk said that it was his long-term goal to settle humans on Mars, and to build reusable rockets and powerful and complex life support systems was his main priority. Musk has successfully transported astronauts to the international space station (ISS), where NASA and other agencies have deployed long-term life support technologies. However, unlike NASA’s advanced life support program, the advanced life support technologies required for future human missions will include physical and chemical technologies to improve the atmosphere, water recovery, waste treatment, and resource recovery, biological processing technologies for food production, and system modeling, analysis, and control technologies related to the operation of integrated subsystems. < / P > < p > in other words, while there are many different functions on the ISS, such as water recycling, the settlers on the moon or Mars will need long-term support for the same population, who will not be able to rotate every few months like the station’s occupants. < / P > < p > in addition, the Mars mission also requires advanced maintenance technology. In planning the mission, the researchers mentioned chemical processes such as 3D printers and ligand bonding, because it is easier to send raw materials that can be turned into 100 different things or 50 different drugs, and the right chemical process can recycle waste into fertilizer molecules. Global Tech