Recently, foreign media reported that Mustang mach-e’s car ordering users received an email from Ford, which mentioned that the earliest specific production date of the new car was December 7, 2020, but the exact delivery time of Mustang mach-e was not mentioned in the email. Mach-e is Mustang’s first pure electric vehicle, which was officially unveiled in Beijing International Auto Show 2020 on September 26. < / P > < p > this pure electric SUV is a new member of Mustang family with a legendary history of 56 years. It inherits the Mustang family design and perfectly interprets the temperament and spirit of Mustang family with smooth body lines, characteristic curve full of muscle feeling, unique dynamic performance and original sound wave. < / P > < p > Mustang mach-e’s long and powerful cabin cover, muscular rear wheel arch design, shark nose front face shape and three column tail lights reveal the Mustang family pedigree. < / P > < p > at the same time, thanks to the fast and convenient OTA technology, the car can continuously enrich the functions of the vehicle and maintain the best use state at any time through the encrypted software update method of the whole vehicle. Global Tech