These include maps, skin kits, complete custom textures, reproduction of the appearance of creatures and objects in films and TV works, featured user interfaces, and even officially authorized background music. The official blog post points out that DLC contains the trilogy of new hope, Empire counterattack, return of the Jedi, and the Mandalorians. < / P > < p > to purchase, please open the in app store on any device that plays my world. After installation, players can explore 12 planets (including Tatooine, Endo, Hoth) and interact with various characters, machines and creatures. < / P > < p > the characters are also very rich in skin, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Yoda, a young child, who has taken the line of sprouting. In the aspect of weapon carrier, the classic X-Wing and TIE fighters for interplanetary shuttle are of course indispensable. (2) players looking back here will definitely find more fun. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities