“Chip city” ushered in “chip” University. On October 22, Nanjing integrated circuit University was founded in Jiangbei new district human resources service industrial park. This university, jointly established by Jiangbei new district joint enterprises and universities, is the first university in China to name the integrated circuit industry and pay attention to the cultivation of industrial talents. The main leaders from Nanjing and Jiangbei new area, including Liu Yian, chairman of the CPPCC and “chain leader” of integrated circuit industry chain, luoqun, member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal Committee and full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangbei new area, attended the event as well as representatives of universities and enterprises. The development of IC industry is one of the most important topics in the field of science and technology in recent years. According to the introduction, by the end of 2018, the current talent stock of China’s integrated circuit industry is about 461000, the talent gap is 320000, and the annual demand for talents is about 100000. It is not difficult to find that there is still a gap of 261000 people in the demand of IC industry in China by 2021 through the statistical analysis of the white paper on talents in China’s integrated circuit industry (2018-2019). The lack of talents has been the key bottleneck to restrict the development of IC industry. As the core area of Nanjing integrated circuit development, Jiangbei new area has been making efforts to build “chip city”. Nanjing University of integrated circuits (Nanjing) is born with talents as the basis for industrial development and focusing on the cultivation of IC industry talents, which highlights the confidence and determination of the development of integrated circuit industry in Jiangbei new area of Nanjing. Luoqun, standing committee of Nanjing Municipal Committee and full-time Deputy Secretary of Jiangbei new district Party committee, said that Nanjing integrated circuit university is the ignition point for the construction of a famous innovation city. The new area has constructed an ecological system that adapts to independent innovation and high-quality development, gathers a group of excellent innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and creates a complete industrial chain integrating upstream and downstream. At present, relying on the strong potential energy of the development of the free trade zone, the new area has become the top ten in the field of integrated circuit design. It is expected that the whole industrial chain will exceed 50billion yuan this year. Jiangbei new area will also rely on Nanjing integrated circuit university to continue to speed up the pace of “chip city” construction, continue to explore the depth and breadth of talent policies and services, and create a high level of integrated circuit talents. The development of industry should be carried out with talents first. According to the introduction, Nanjing integrated circuit University will take the orientation of industry oriented talents, make up for the advantages and disadvantages with traditional universities, solve the difficulties of talent training and promote the development of local industries in the way of mechanism innovation and mutual supplement. It is an open platform for connecting the government, universities, enterprises and promoting the integration of industry and education. Liu Yian, chairman of the CPPCC and “chain leader” of the integrated circuit industry chain of Nanjing Municipality, unveiled the brand for Nanjing integrated circuit University, and awarded the appointment letter of president of Nanjing integrated circuit University for Professor Longxing. During the activity, relevant representatives from universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises signed a contract with Nanjing integrated circuit University on industrial talent training cooperation. In the keynote speech on understanding and thinking of Nanjing integrated circuit University, Shi Longxing, chief professor of Southeast University and director of Nanjing integrated circuit industry service center, said that the key link of the transition from theoretical study to innovation practice is focused on the cultivation of IC talents in Jiangbei new area of Nanjing, In the current situation, the demand for IC industry talents is facing the urgency, high requirements and sustainability. Under the severe situation, Nanjing integrated circuit University emerges as the times require. The “5” colleges: Institute of integrated circuit design automation, demonstration base of microelectronics college, modern industry college of integrated circuit, International College of integrated circuit and Future Technology College of integrated circuit. “1” science and Technology Park: integrated circuit University Science and technology park. “2” offices: employment and entrepreneurship guidance office, teacher and student service office. It is introduced that the college students are no longer admitted by the way of college entrance examination, but from students who have basic professional knowledge, students from interdisciplinary who are interested in integrated circuit related work, junior staff recruited by enterprises in the training period, and enroll students according to their professional basis and employment interest according to the job classification, and recruit students The scale of production shall be subject to the needs of enterprises. Teachers are more from senior engineers, domestic and foreign industry experts and higher academic level of universities. Similarly, the course is not a standardized course approved by the competent education department of University, but is personalized. It is targeted training according to the weak links of students and the post skills required by the enterprise. The certificate obtained by the students is the certificate of completion which has been verified by the practical assessment. Global Tech

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