According to foreign media reports, NASA announced in the latest progress of its Artemis lunar project that it hoped its previously announced private space partners would bid for the future project of launching payloads to the moon. Assuming everything goes as planned, NASA expects the winning company to launch its new moon payload in 2022, two years ahead of the agency’s deadline for manned return to the moon. < / P > < p > it is reported that NASA has 14 commercial lunar payload service partners, all of which are private space companies, and NASA can use them to carry out various space missions. The biggest advantage of using a private company is that NASA can start its mission quickly, and NASA doesn’t need to develop technologies and systems, just pay a private company that has the technology ready. The total number of CLP < 200 payloads that they will choose to launch to the moon will be about 10 pounds. Through these surveys, NASA will learn more about the moon, which will help prepare for future manned lunar missions and potential long-term habitation. NASA also said yesterday that it would announce CLPs partners for the payload launch later this year. Artemis aims to send astronauts back to the moon by 2024. NASA says the rocket, scheduled for launch in 2022, will play an important role in laying the "foundation" for the ultimate human mission. Privacy Policy