。 Tests have confirmed that the telescope will respond to commands when it enters space. This test is called the ground segment test;. This special test marks the first time a power on command has been sent to a fully assembled Observatory and scientific instruments on the telescope have been tested. NASA says being able to communicate with the telescope is critical to its mission, and tests like this are part of its comprehensive testing to ensure that all Observatory components work in space. This test demonstrates the complete end-to-end process from planning a science network to publishing scientific data to community archives. NASA researchers point out that this is the first time they have tested both actual networked flight hardware and ground systems at the same time. The test is completely successful and finally put into operation. During the test, the team issued commands to turn on, move and operate the main scientific instruments in turn. All the commands came from the mission operations center, and during the test, the researchers considered the telescope to be in orbit. < / P > < p > to run the tests, the team connected the spacecraft to the deep space network, an international radio antenna array used to communicate with multiple spacecraft. Since the James Webb Space Telescope is not yet in orbit, the command was carried out through the deep space network simulator. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the Weber Telescope project has been delayed. But things are going well, and the latest tests require a team of about 100 people to complete. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park