NASA’s Osiris Rex asteroid probe will finally try its dangerous sample collection next month. The spacecraft will perform a touch and go maneuver to collect samples from the surface and return to safe orbit. The samples will eventually be sent back to earth for scientists to study later. < / P > < p > the Osiris Rex spacecraft has been at its target destination – a space rock known as & quot; Bennu & quot; – for months. The asteroid is full of mystery, and the probe spent a lot of time studying its surface and making interesting discoveries. So far, this is a successful adventure, but the spacecraft is about to try something that will put it in serious danger. The success of the whole mission depends on its success. The tag sample collection operation will be an opportunity for the probe to grab material from the rocky surface of a small planet, but it is the most dangerous move the spacecraft has ever made. < / P > < p > NASA is excited about this important mission objective. This is the main reason why NASA first sent spacecraft to asteroids, so it is very important for Osiris Rex to successfully complete this mission. NASA released an announcement Friday to prepare for the event. < / P > < p > the task force has spent a long time searching for the perfect sample collection site on the surface of the asteroid. The process is much more difficult than NASA initially thought, because the debris on Bennu’s surface is far more than scientists expected. < / P > < p > because of this, mission scientists spent months looking for potential candidates that could provide opportunities for safe sample collection. They narrowed down, and eventually chose one of the sites to sample. However, the site of the so-called Nightingale crater is not completely free of debris, and spacecraft need to be careful when descending to the surface of the asteroid. < / P > < p > a major problem after the spacecraft collects samples is that it cannot be controlled in real time due to the distance from the earth. Instead, once NASA orders it to operate, the probe must rely on its own “intelligence.”. The Osiris Rex asteroid probe will perform a tag maneuver on October 20. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone