Foreign media review: the new product nest audio is located between nest mini and home Max in terms of price and size. It is a product layout of Google for the middle end product line of smart speakers. < / P > < p > nest audio is the most mentioned part in the launch, and it is also the key point of this product. In terms of sound effect, mark made a comparison between nest audio and nest Mini at the press conference: < / P > < p > nest audio introduced 19mm high-frequency speakers and built-in 70mm low-frequency speakers. The subwoofer effect was improved by 50% and the loudness was increased by 75%. < / P > < p > in microphone array applications, nest is different from the previous one Audio uses directional microphones instead of 360 ° ring microphones. This is because Google officials have learned in the past few years about the actual use of users’ products that people are less likely to put smart speakers in the middle of the room, but more likely to be placed in corners or other areas that “point” sound in a specific direction. < / P > < p > nest audio is a product that can connect other nest smart speakers with or without screens. It can become the audio control center of the whole family. < / P > < p > when two nest audio are connected, the sound effect is expected to be louder and fuller than that of a single speaker unit when playing music, especially when nest audio is placed separately at a distance of six feet or more. < / P > < p > however, if you plan to use nest audio for other applications such as podcast, the stereo configuration will sound strange – the delay between the two speakers makes it sound like a dual track. Again, you can’t use two nest audio and chromecast to get home theater audio effects. < / P > < p > as the home audio control center that Google hopes to build, nest audio also has smart home control capability and intelligent voice assistant. Google officials also pointed out that nest audio also has built-in machine learning engine, which was first used in nest mini, to shorten the response time of voice commands. It makes nest audio respond twice as fast as Google home to control functions such as track skipping and volume adjustment. < / P > < p > it’s hard to determine the official difference in response speed, but nest audio is slower than Amazon’s echo. < p > < p > < p > and as for the privacy aspect which has been paid more and more attention at present, Google official points out that users can delete the history by saying “OK Google, delete what I said before” to nest audio. At the same time, nest audio has a physical switch on the back to turn off the microphone. < p > < p > nest audio has the advantages of better sound effect, price and stereo matching experience, while the disadvantage is that the multi room voice control is not reliable. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen