Tubing owner gilva Sunner is very fond of game music and is committed to collecting high-quality music. There are a lot of Nintendo’s game music in its pipeline channel, which is not only classified, but also of good quality. In a way, this is a Game Music Museum. Last year, gilva Sunner ate a Nintendo copyright announcement that led to a lot of music being taken off the shelves. He complained about it on twitter, and Po issued a warning letter that it had been washed up by the tubing system. I didn’t expect the nightmare to happen again a year later. < p > < p > gilva Sunner tweeted that the copyrighted games included “Mario 64”, “Mario racing Wii” and “Legend of Zelda: the flute of time”, and Nintendo may claim compensation this time. < p > < p > from a legal point of view, Nintendo does have the right to do this, but what puzzles many players is that Nintendo has not released any digital music for games since 2020, and some music has not even CD. < / P > < p > if players want to listen to the music of the game, they may have to take out the old console and the game, and play to that paragraph. Nintendo doesn’t provide a way to listen to authentic music online, which makes many players feel dissatisfied. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park