Recently, a topic in the Japanese player community has aroused heated discussion. Some netizens have published the work rewards of Uber’s franchise employees. What kind of rewards will be obtained after the completion of various goals and instructions? Do you feel familiar to the players? < / P > < p > · what the netizens exposed was only a small part of the work target system, which showed that if you could achieve the goal of 60 rides, you would get an additional reward of 5000 yen, and of course, you would get a higher pursuit, and you would also get a reward of 7000 yen if you completed 80 times. < / P > < p > · netizens said they were really familiar with each other when they were laughing. Yes, they would encounter it every day when they played too many games. After all, in psychology, making small goals constantly would secretly urge players to work hard. Global Tech