With regard to live delivery, the eight departments have joined hands this time. On August 3, the state cyber information office and the national anti pornography and anti illegal work office jointly held a work deployment meeting to inform the progress of the special rectification and standardized management of the webcast industry. At the same time, we should re deploy the special rectification and standardized management work, promote the research and development of anchor account classification management standards, improve the cultural quality of the live broadcast platform, guide users to give rational rewards, standardize the anchor’s behavior of carrying goods, and promote the high-quality development of the webcast industry.

“recently, a series of policies and regulations have been issued in the field of live broadcasting with goods, but only by catching the pain of the industry can we fundamentally solve the problem of industrial chaos. On the whole, this is a regulatory direction and opinion of the national regulatory level for the live broadcasting industry, which has guiding significance. ” Meng Huixin, an analyst in the legal rights and interests section of the e-commerce research center, told the reporter of securities times · e company.

this time, the eight departments have promoted the special rectification and standardized management of the live broadcast industry, which shows that the regulatory authorities attach great importance to the live broadcast with goods market, and also echoes the recent “live broadcasting with goods” of listed companies running into the market The report pointed out that the live e-commerce industry still needs to be reshaped and standardized in the future, and made it clear that in the future, standardization should be carried out in many aspects, such as professional qualification of employees, enterprise operation behavior, channel content supervision, etc.

in view of the special rectification and standardized management of the network live broadcasting industry promoted by the national cyber information office and the national “anti pornography and anti illegal activities” office, reporters from securities times · e company interviewed relevant experts and analysts.

Yin Yanji, an analyst at Hua’an securities, said that the main target of the attack was the illegal and unlicensed apps, such as Betta, tiger teeth and other regular live online apps. Because of the regulation and governance in recent years, the impact on them is not significant.

according to the rectification work content, in promoting the standardized management, the network information office and other departments will study and formulate the anchor account classification management specification, clarify the management rules of reward behavior in the live broadcast industry, closely associate the content supply orientation, reward amount standard, anchor carrying qualification with the classification and classification of direct broadcast accounts, and construct the live account credit to encourage the supply of high-quality information content Evaluation system.

previously, the norms of live e-commerce were all multi supervision, which would lead to the failure of regulatory joint force. From the perspective of the competent authorities, the State Administration of press, publication, radio and television, the office of cyberspace, the Ministry of culture and tourism, and the Ministry of public security all have administrative authority over internet live broadcasting. As a result, there are problems such as imperfect enforcement rules and standards, and weak pertinence, which lead to difficulties and blind spots in the supervision of live broadcasting, and also lead to the problem of multi supervision becoming unattended. The eight departments jointly promote the special rectification and standardized management of the network live broadcasting industry, which can avoid this regulatory difficulty to a certain extent.

“at present, after the event supervision is the main means for the supervision of internet live broadcasting in China, such as appointment, fine, order for rectification, shutdown, revocation of business license, etc. the government departments also mainly find violations through manual spot check, netizens’ report and reporter’s secret visit. Such investigation and punishment efficiency is relatively low, and the inspection is carried out after these bad contents have been made It can not play a very good preventive role if it is carried out under certain adverse effects. ” Huang Wei, a special researcher of ecommerce research center and senior partner of Beijing Yingke (Hangzhou) law firm, told securities times · e company reporter.

in view of how to standardize the live broadcast e-commerce, Huang Wei said that it is necessary to strengthen the supervision in advance and in the event, fully improve the technical level of supervision, effectively identify illegal and illegal behaviors by means of big data and artificial intelligence, and timely handle a batch of typical violations.

in 2020, live e-commerce will enter the era of “nationwide live broadcasting”, and live e-commerce will blossom all over the country. As of July 30, there were more than 18000 live broadcasting related enterprises in China, according to Tianyan professional edition data. This year, more than 9000 new live related enterprises have been added, which has exceeded the number of new related enterprises in the whole year of 2019.

the wind of live broadcasting has also blown into the capital market, with more than 100 listed companies competing for admission. In the secondary market, the market value of companies such as Saturday and Mengjie Co., Ltd. once soared due to their deep involvement in live broadcasting with goods.

However, behind the pursuit of capital, it is still difficult to hide the crux of industries with fake flow and low input-output ratio. On the special rectification work, the person in charge of the state network and information office also said that the standardized management work has been steadily promoted, and the industry ecology has been significantly improved. However, many chronic diseases in the live broadcasting industry have not been completely eliminated.

the Consumer Association of China has previously released the 618 consumer rights protection public opinion analysis report, pointing out that among the negative information about “live with goods”, the main complaint points are the data of direct broadcast fans and the fake “killing young” of sales volume.

traffic counterfeiting is the “open secret” in the live broadcast industry. The daily life of Taobao live broadcast is about 28 million, and the number of Taobao live anchors is about 80000. Among them, the watching data of 3-4 anchors has exceeded 20 million. “If you cooperate with the super head anchor, the rest will be washed out. Nine out of 10 traffic will be brushed out.” An industry person who has opened a shop for many years and has anchor experience told the reporter of securities times · e company.

tiktok phenomenon, securities times e reporters through a “brush group” learned that Taobao, jitter, Kwai, and other major platforms have brush, drainage and other related packages. Take Taobao platform as an example, the package display “9 yuan” can introduce 100 traffic.

in addition, more and more stars and commercial celebrities are trying to carry goods through water and live broadcasting, but the phenomenon of “overturning” frequently occurs, which causes brand merchants to bear high “pit fee”, high return rate and extremely low input-output ratio.

previously, Zhou Dasheng, the relevant person in charge, told the reporter of the securities times · e company that the development of live e-commerce had been about three years, and it was not until this year that it began to break out. The foundation of live e-commerce is actually e-commerce. After 20 years of development, the e-commerce industry has a better regulatory environment and supporting system.

However, in the emerging live track, there are still some businesses and brands that occupy the market with relatively low quality, which leads to a lot of fake products and shoddy products on the live broadcast. So, we still hope that these chaos can get the attention of the market supervision department.

“after the rapid growth period before, the direct broadcast e-commerce is now in the stage of remodeling. The resources of the anchor and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain need to be further integrated, and a relatively unified standard is needed to coordinate the division of labor and cohesion between the industrial roles, so as to standardize the industry and improve the overall efficiency and quality.” Net economic and social e-commerce research center senior analyst Mo daiqing said.

recently, the relevant rules on live delivery have been introduced. On July 29, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the guidance of the General Administration of market supervision on strengthening the supervision of online live marketing activities (Draft for comments), and now it is open to the public for comments. According to the draft, seven types of illegal activities, such as swiping orders to stir up letters, misleading consumption and selling “three noes” products, will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law. This is the first time that China has raised the regulation of live network marketing activities to the legal level.

previously, on June 24, China Advertising Association officially issued the “code of conduct for online live broadcasting marketing”, which was implemented on July 1, focusing on regulating the chaos of live broadcasting such as swiping bills and false publicity in e-commerce live broadcasting.