Due to the existence of battery pack and three electric systems, the spontaneous combustion or fire of electric vehicle is also paid special attention to by the public. According to the news on November 17, a netizen uploaded a video showing that in the west to east direction of Jingping expressway, a Changan Yidong EV electric vehicle was suspected to have a spontaneous combustion accident. (click here to watch the video) < / P > < p > from the video, this runaway EV stops on the roadside of the highway, and the firefighters have carried out fire fighting operations on it. The vehicle does not emit open fire, but there is continuous smoke coming out of the vehicle. < / P > < p > in addition, it is worth noting that on October 23, a netizen disclosed that a suspected Chang’an Yidong EV caught fire and self ignited in a street in Putian, Fujian Province, which led to a large area of vehicles involved in the accident. < / P > < p > and different from the situation of direct smoke and no open fire, the rear of the Changan Evo EV was surrounded by fire. The power battery of the vehicle chassis has not been spared, and the vehicle has been severely burned, facing the situation of vehicle scrapping. < / P > < p > at the same time, due to the fire is too big, the vehicles parked nearby are also suspected to be roasted by the fire, the body covering parts are baked, and the power of electric vehicle fire can also be seen. < / P > < p > it is reported that the current Changan Evo EV is 2019 models, with a total of 3 models. After subsidy, the price range is 102800-109900 yuan. It is equipped with a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 52.56kwh and a battery pack warranty of 120000 km for 8 years. Global Tech