The iPhone 12 family has introduced another maintenance hurdle, adding an authorization step when replacing the camera module, which may further restrict third-party repair. As apple designs its devices, it increasingly restricts what can be replaced or repaired by non certified technicians. The iPhone 12 introduces a new barrier to maintenance organizations, which may affect users’ ability to seek third-party repair solutions. < / P > < p > technicians coordinating with ifixit have found that the iPhone 12 camera needs to be licensed for software to work properly after parts are replaced. Previous iPhones could easily replace the camera without additional steps. Ifixit says the camera and display are one of the components that users most often need to repair or replace. This software is licensed only through the use of an apple proprietary app called system configuration. The app can only be used by official repair organizations such as apple store or best buy. Such changes may further affect the third-party maintenance market, private maintenance, and the search and resale of spare parts. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 camera is replaced without the authorization of Apple’s official software. It seems to work normally when it is started, but it starts to fail in normal use. Ifixit points out that the camera can’t be switched to ultra wide angle. It will only react in some camera modes and become completely unresponsive. This problem was initially thought to be a bug, but later it turned out to be a practice point recommended by Apple’s repair manual. Prior to requiring software authorization, it is limited to repairs that may affect the safety or security of the device, not the camera. < / P > < p > cameras are increasingly associated with SOC of computational photography, which may explain why Apple is forcing more precautions on software. Ifixit worries that this is another attempt to force people away from repairing their own devices, and calls on users to contact their congressmen to force apple to change its maintenance policy. < / P > < p > the right to repair campaign is a complex one because they believe that any and all equipment purchased by consumers should be fully usable, repairable, and have access to easily purchased parts. Increasingly complex hardware and software, as well as Apple’s own control of the entire hardware stack and software experience, impede this belief. Global Tech