As we all know, the double kidney air intake grille has always been one of the iconic designs of BMW models. However, if the double kidney is too large and even occupies the whole front of the car, it is inevitable that some people can’t accept it for a while, and a sentence “ugly cry” comes out. And the brand-new BMW M3 / M4 because of this design, caused the intense discussion of netizens. According to the plan, the new BMW M3 / M4 will debut tomorrow. < / P > < p > What’s different is that the new car continues the super large size air intake grille design of the new 4 series, and optimizes it on this basis. It presents a strong style as a whole, which is very radical. Many netizens said that “ugly cry” and “can’t stand it”. < / P > < p > in the car, the new car is closer to the sports and performance orientation based on the ordinary model. We see that new cars will be equipped with new style sports seats, which have excellent support. In terms of power, the new m3 / M4 is equipped with a 3.0T in-line six cylinder engine code named S58, which is an additional supercharged engine. The standard model has 480 horsepower, and the thunder version has 510 horsepower. The transmission is matched with 6mt or 8at transmission. < p > < p > BMW’s M xDrive four-wheel drive system can be switched between 2WD (pure rear drive), 4WD (4WD) and 4WD sport (more rear wheel drive than 4WD mode, and the front and rear axle power ratio is 30 to 70 by default). Global Tech