In the current pure electric vehicle market, with the monthly sales of 1W +, Tesla Model 3 is a well deserved leader. However, the competitors of model 3 are not so many. It seems that at the beginning of the launch of any new brand, it will be called “hanging Tesla”. At present, among the new forces of domestic car making, more and more models can compete with model 3 in price and brand positioning. And Xiaopeng P7 and biadihan are the two most conspicuous. Compared with model 3, they also have certain competitive advantages in terms of luxury, intelligence and power endurance. However, in terms of brand appeal, Tesla has inherent advantages compared with domestic brands. At the same price level as model 3, Xiaopeng P7 still has a big gap with model 3 in terms of sales volume. Today, with Tesla Model 3 becoming cheaper and cheaper, in order to better cope with the changes in the market environment, Xiaopeng has also come up with new coping strategies, and will launch a new compact car to compete with model 3 in dislocation. According to the spy photos uploaded by netizens, the new car adopts a more traditional design. The front face is expected to be still the representative shape of the closed electric vehicle, and the tail is designed with a small sliding back, which is fashionable as a whole. < / P > < p > the photos of the heavy camouflage interior of the vehicle have also been exposed. From the interior layout, the new car does not adopt dual large screen design. It is expected to be full LCD instrument panel and inclined central control touch screen, which is similar to Mercedes Benz S-class central control screen. < / P > < p > in general, the positioning of this “Xiaopeng P7” with a smaller body size will naturally be one level lower than it. In this way, the price will go down simultaneously. < / P > < p > referring to the manufacturer’s guidance price of RMB 229900-349900 of Xiaopeng P7, we can see that the future price of the car may be within 200000 yuan. Of course, the above information is only a guess, and the accurate information needs further explanation from the official. However, it is certain that with the arrival of new cars and more attractive prices, domestic consumers have a good choice in addition to model 3 when purchasing pure electric cars. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”