Today (November 3) action RPG “the original God” officially released the new details of “approaching guest star” in version 1.1. At the same time, the ps5 downward compatible version will also provide better picture quality and faster reading time. “Impending guest star” will be launched on November 11, when players can go to the official website to download. < / P > < p > as a free game, the original God takes players into the breathtaking landscape of Tivat, where seven elemental gods rule different people. Players will play the role of a mysterious traveler, embark on their own journey, find their lost relatives for many years, and finally uncover the secrets hidden under the world. Players will be able to explore the cities of Monde and Liyue in the seven major cities of TIWA. Each city has a unique cultural atmosphere, stories, broad landscape, and is full of diverse creatures, enemies, mysteries and hidden treasures. More cities, stories, characters and seasonal events will be launched. < / P > < p > in the upcoming 1.1 update, the main task of “original God” will continue, and players can finally uncover the amazing conspiracy behind Liyue and the secret past between liyuexian and people. A total of four new characters will be added to the game to take risks with the players. One of the newly added characters is a five-star water character. At the same time, he can freely switch to close combat or long-range combat. The five-star character Zhong Li, who is good at making long handle weapons, not only has excellent defense ability, but also can cause strong range rock attribute damage, and can also petrify the enemy. The other two new four-star characters Xin Yan and Diona bring a new look to the player’s lineup, further improving the diversity of element collocation and combat strategy. < p > < p > version 1.1 will also include the first seasonal activity of the original God, the “unsettled star”. In the event of “no return star extinction”, a sudden disaster shrouds the continent of Tivat, waiting for players to solve it. During the two-week event, players will be able to go deep into a series of new tasks, participate in various multiplayer connection challenges, and get rich rewards, including all star five-star relic and four-star character Fischer. In addition, the original God will open a brand-new city reputation system. Players can gradually accumulate prestige, unlock rich rewards, and obtain new area limited props and personalized items while exploring various regions. At the same time, version 1.1 also launched a series of new props, including pocket anchor, portable cooking boiler, Fengshen Tong and Yan Shentong resonance stone, wind treasure seeking compass and rock treasure seeking compass. When players explore, survive or fight in the vast land of Tivat, these props can be of great use. Global Tech