Kapok issued an official announcement on November 4, saying the company’s servers were accessed by a third party without authorization on November 2. Subsequently, the hacker group, which called itself “rannar Locker”, issued a criminal statement, saying that it had obtained more than 1TB of privacy sensitive data of kapok, and asked kapok to contact it before 8:00 a.m. Japan time on the 11th and conclude a transaction (paying us $11 million in bitcoin). < / P > < p > according to the latest report of Japanese media, since kapok did not trade with “rannar Locker” on the 11th, “rannar Locker” has disclosed part of kapok’s internal information on the “dark network” (the Japanese media reported 67000mb of data). At present, Osaka Police in Japan have been involved in the incident and are collecting intelligence. According to Japanese media reports, the data released this time are mainly the company’s sales performance and salary records, as well as the relevant personnel’s passport and internal e-mail address. “Rannar Locker” also issued statements such as “kapok did not make the right decision”, saying that the public data is only part of the data, and threatened to “trade if you want to avoid data leakage and huge litigation costs and other losses”. “At present, the incident is still under investigation, and the leakage of customer information has not been confirmed,” Kaplan explained in an interview. With regard to unauthorized visits, discussions are under way with the government police. ” Global Tech