Recently, according to the official news of Beijing Benz, the new Benz E-class has been officially off the production line, and it is also the 3 million vehicles that Beijing Benz has ushered in. It is reported that the new E-class will be on sale before the Beijing auto show on September 25. As a mid-term modified model, the new E-class has changed a lot. The new car adopts a new family style exterior design, including triangle headlights, larger air intakes and so on. It has the flavor of “middle-aged uncle changing into young man in seconds”. According to the declaration information, the length, width and height of the new E-class are 5078 / 1860 / 1490 mm and 3079 mm respectively. Compared with the current model, it is slightly longer, and 18 or 19 inch wheels are provided according to different models. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the new E-class vehicle has been upgraded to the latest mbux system. In addition to providing touch screen control, the hardware also adds the latest style touch panel, which makes the operation more convenient. < p > < p > in the power part, the mid-term modified E-class continues the power assembly of current models. Among them, e 260 L is equipped with 1.5T + 48V light mixing system, and the maximum engine power is 184 HP; the maximum power of 2.0T engine of e300l model is 258hp, and that of e350l is 299hp with 2.0T + 48V light mixing system. Global Tech