At present, in the domestic electric car market, Tesla Model 3 has become the “No.1 electric car” by virtue of its outstanding monthly sales of 1W +. By others at home “hang hit”, domestic brands did not sit dry, BYD took out Han EV, Xiaopeng launched P7 models, these models can be said to be strong competitors of model 3. < p > < p > now, as the big brother of the new automobile manufacturing forces, Weilai is finally about to make a move. The first pure electric car has begun to emerge, with a rigid front face model 3. Recently, a spy photo uploaded by netizens showed that the first pure electric car of Weilai was transported to Weilai delivery center by trailer, which was disguised as strict and solid. It also shows that the new car will meet with you. < / P > < p > although the new car is disguised in place, it also exposes a lot of information. From the overall shape, the car body is longer and adopts the sliding back design, which is consistent with the height of Xiaopeng P7. In addition, compared with the model 3, the body size of the new car also has many advantages. At the same time, the wheel hub shape of the car is the same design as Weilai ES6. < p > < p > in fact, as early as last year, Weilai released the ET concept car at the Shanghai auto show, but didn’t disclose any details of the car at that time. Now, with the appearance of the mass production version of the real car, Weilai et has also changed from a concept car to a regular one. < p > < p > at present, Weilai brand-new car has not released too much information, but it is reported that the car will be named “ee7” and will be announced at the 2020 NiO day held on January 9, 2021. The main competitive products include Tesla Model 3 and polar star 2. < p > < p > in addition, Weilai has three SUV models at present, and only now has taken out the first car model. Compared with the car companies such as Xiaopeng, Tesla and BYD, Weilai lags far behind by more than half. < p > < p > in addition, as early as 2019, Weilai announced the car plan, but due to various reasons, including financial problems, Weilai postponed the car plan. Qin Lihong once said that the reason why the car project was postponed was that Weilai hoped that the first car would have a considerable impact, which was expected to be launched in 2022-2023. < / P > < p > our first generation products are mainly SUVs with high cost. If we want to solve the problems in the second generation production, we have to invest too much. Back to the strategic point of view, it’s not practical. < p > < p > now, Weilai has three models, and the fourth model is about to appear. Weilai’s overall strength in the domestic pure electric vehicle market is further enhanced, and its delivery volume is also increasing accordingly. According to the latest sales data of Weilai, in September 2020, the company delivered a total of 4708 vehicles, setting a new monthly record. In the first three quarters of this year, the company delivered 26375 vehicles, up 113.7% year-on-year. Global Tech