Google assistant is getting a new feature that makes it easier to donate to important humanitarian and non-profit organizations. Users can already use this feature to contribute to the center for policing equity (CPE), an organization dedicated to promoting police transparency and accountability. Google announced the news Friday to coincide with the 57th anniversary of the Washington March. The new donation shortcut is currently available only on mobile phones. You can say “Hey, Google, donate for racial justice” to assistant (it can be used directly on Android or through an app on IOS), or you can use a dedicated card in Google assistant’s Daily “snapshot” view. < / P > < p > Google said it would not draw a percentage from donations made through assistant, and 100% of all donations would be transferred directly to the police law enforcement justice center. The company also plans to expand Google assistant’s donation function in the next few weeks to support “other humanitarian and non-profit organizations,” although Google has not disclosed which organizations it has chosen. < / P > < p > the addition of donation functions is admirable, but it should be noted that, in addition to the $175 million the company has committed in June, this news does not include any other donation commitments made by Google to combat racial inequality. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4