As the world’s best-selling wireless headset, airpods are second to none in appearance and convenience. In terms of sound quality, according to many fruit powders, it is like a glass of water, which can quench thirst but has no taste. Compared with Samsung’s Galaxy budds and Sony’s wf-1000xm3 products, the sound quality of airpods can only be said to be unsatisfactory. < / P > < p > because a large number of components are embedded in the interior, they are the key factors for the stable connection and open cover connection of airpods, so the sound quality can not be the main selling point of airpods. In the case that the hardware cannot be changed, Apple has added a function similar to headphone equalizer to users in the new IOS 14 system, allowing users to choose the sound quality suitable for themselves through tuning test. Apple named the new feature “headphone adjustment.”. < / P > < p > although it is placed in accessibility, it is available to all users. However, we have learned that this feature is only applicable to airpods or beats earphones with noise reduction effect, including airpods pro, beats studio 3 and Beats Solo pro. The standard airpods has not yet opened this function. < / P > < p > after clicking the “headset adjustment” switch, the user can carry out the “custom audio settings” test or manually adjust the existing settings below. There are three tuning purposes, including balance tone, range and brightness. Users can adjust the sound quality intensity of “light”, “moderate” and “strong”. < / P > < p > it should be noted that if the user does not use the above three headphones, a prompt box “headset not supported” will pop up when clicking “custom audio settings”, and the “play sample” below can not be clicked. Although the “tuning purpose” can be adjusted manually, after testing, this adjustment is only “decoration” without using the above three earphones. < / P > < p > we used airpods Pro for testing. After adjustment, the range of the adjusted airpods Pro has obvious changes in the environment of listening to music or watching video, but it does not change much in the communication environment. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure