Recently, the news that Xiaomi company wants to build a car has been widely concerned by the society. Although Xiaomi has not finally confirmed this, such public opinion and market heat also show that the new forces of car manufacturing are beginning to usher in a new round of development opportunities. In this new round of opportunities, innovation instead of capital has become a prominent feature of the development of new car building forces.

A few days ago, a number of media revealed that Xiaomi company has confirmed that it wants to build a car and regards it as a strategic decision. Lei Jun, the founder of the company, may lead the team in person. After that, the official response of Xiaomi was “wait and see, there is no such uncertain content as” delayed announcement “for the time being. However, this news has aroused the general concern of the society, and the share price of Xiaomi has also risen accordingly. Just a month ago, baidu announced the formal establishment of a smart car company to enter the automotive industry as a vehicle manufacturer and enter the vehicle manufacturing field.

With the rise of new energy and intelligent vehicles in China, many cross-border new car building forces are also increasing. Since 2014, there were more than 300 new car manufacturers at the peak, but soon the new car manufacturers will be eliminated in the cruel market. It can be said that 2019 is the most difficult year for the new forces of car manufacturing. In 2020, the new forces of car manufacturing begin to enter the watershed. The head enterprises such as Weilai, ideal and Xiaopeng develop rapidly, but more such as sailin automobile, Qiantu automobile and Baiteng automobile are either empty or on the verge of bankruptcy.

The new power of car building has experienced ups and downs, but the momentum and trend of the development of new energy vehicles in China has not changed. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new energy vehicle market, but the new energy vehicle market is going up despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020. According to the latest data of China Automobile Industry Association, in January 2021, more than 2.5 million vehicles were sold in the domestic automobile market, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 30%. Among them, nearly 180000 new energy vehicles were sold, with a year-on-year growth of more than 230%. The monthly sales volume reached a record high.

The promotion of policies and the rise of the market have brought a new round of development opportunities to the new forces of car building, and the capital market has begun to heat up the new forces of car building again. Recently, Weima automobile announced that it has reached 11.5 billion yuan strategic cooperation agreements with a number of banks and financial institutions. Highland capital also announced to spend 200 million US dollars to participate in the latest round of fixed increase of BYD.

In addition to capital, in this new round of development opportunities, innovation has become an important feature of new car building forces. Take Baidu as an example. Compared with the cross-border of many new car building forces, Baidu has a deeper accumulation in the automobile industry, such as Baidu car life and Apollo open platform for autonomous driving, which are the results of years of innovation and accumulation. In 2020, Baidu’s core R & D expenses account for more than 20% of its revenue, ranking in the forefront of China’s large technology Internet companies, and ranking first in China in terms of AI patent applications and authorizations for three consecutive years. Kunlun 1, a cloud universal chip independently developed by Baidu, has been widely deployed in many scenarios. The next generation of 7Nm Kunlun 2 chip is about to be mass produced, and its performance will be three times higher than that of Kunlun 1. It is this accumulation of innovation that enables Baidu to seize new opportunities in cloud services, intelligent transportation, intelligent driving and other fields of artificial intelligence.

Industry experts said that the new development opportunities of the new forces of car building are no longer the capital game, but the real innovation ability. After the last round of elimination, who has newer technology, better products, who can have a competitive advantage. Now, there is no lack of innovation power, capital, or even innovative talents in the market. The will and determination of enterprises to continue innovation is the most scarce. (reporter Li Zhiyong)