On October 29, 2020 wireless charging Asia exhibition was successfully held in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park. This is also the first large-scale wireless charging industry exhibition since 2020, with nearly 100 high-quality suppliers, service providers and thousands of purchasers gathered at the event site, and hundreds of new wireless charging products were released. < p > < p > Dongguan Ruiheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new wireless charging scheme at the exhibition, attracting many visitors to the exhibition stand to watch and exchange views. < p > < p > according to the introduction, this wireless charging scheme of Ruiheng adopts a new design idea, which skillfully integrates the wireless charging transmitting module into the adapter, leaving only one wireless charging coil outside, and the two are connected by usb-c cable. The wireless charging part supports the WPC wireless charging alliance Qi standard BPP 5W, apple 7.5W, Samsung 10W and EPP 15W. It can be used with conventional standard coils to charge mobile phones meeting Qi standards wirelessly, or with magnetic suction wireless charging coils to develop ultra-thin MagSafe wireless chargers to power the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > charging head network further understands that this adapter integrated with wireless charging and transmitting module is also a GaN fast charging product, which has the maximum 65W PD fast charging output capacity, and can directly charge mobile phones, laptops, mobile power supplies and other products through usb-c cable. < / P > < p > the charger still keeps a compact shape with integrated AC-DC, wireless charging transmission and complex logic control circuit. This is also due to the use of innogate Gan power devices, which effectively controls the volume of the charger, achieves high efficiency and reduces heating. In addition to the above products, Ruiheng has mass produced 20W, Gan 65w1c, 65W 1c1a, 65W 2c1a, 100W 2c2a and other gallium nitride chargers. According to the requirements of customers, we can develop and customize various power supply equipment and provide OEM / ODM processing. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple