“Superman” as DC’s signboard, superhero role and IP have been popular all over the world for decades, and they are all displayed in a very handsome, tall and sunny image. Recently, concept artist jerad Marantz has unveiled the design of his superman clone bizaro, which comes from a cut-off DC game and restores bizaro’s monster image. < p > < p > concept artist jerad Marantz announced his superman clone bizaro in INS, and wrote: “I have the opportunity to create a game image for my favorite DC villain bizaro. Although it is said to be cut off, I always want this guy to pass the audit.” < p > < p > bizaro has the same gray face as in the cartoon, wearing the same krypton costume as Henry Carvel in Superman: the body of steel. But Superman’s “s” mark is the opposite. Bizaro is a bio human created by Lex Luther by combining Superman’s DNA with human’s DNA. His ability is contrary to Superman’s. He has frozen rays and flame breathing. Moreover, kryptonite will enhance his power. The only purpose of his creation is to kill and replace Superman. < p > < p > previously, bizaro appeared in league of iniquity 2 as the skin of a super villain. Concept artist jerad Marantz’s previously published concept art is probably from the same hacked DC game as armored Batman and the terrible shark king. Before that, concept artist jerad Marantz has created concept art for many films, including Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of justice, Avengers 4: final battle, and spider man: the heroic expedition. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days