According to, it has been reported recently that Apple’s iPhone se plus or iPhone 12s released in the first half of 2021 may cancel the design of face ID and switch to the side fingerprint identification scheme independently developed by apple, following the introduction of the side fingerprint identification scheme on the iPad air 4. It is understood that there is no difference between the side fingerprint scheme and the traditional capacitive fingerprint identification scheme in hardware, but the biggest difference lies in the algorithm. Since the side fingerprint module is a long strip, only part of the area can collect information, so the algorithm needs to complete fingerprint identification only through part of the information. < / P > < p > for the design changes made by apple, some industry insiders believe that the main purpose is to further reduce product costs and enhance the profitability of iPhone. < / P > < p > industry insiders point out that the material cost of side fingerprint identification is at least 5 US dollars less than face ID, or even more. In addition, compared with the off screen fingerprint, the cost advantage is also very obvious. In fact, the advantages of the traditional fingerprint identification scheme are not only reflected in the cost, but also better than the off screen fingerprint or even face ID from the perspective of sensitivity. However, in order to pursue the proportion of the screen, many terminal brands will still adopt the off screen scheme, thus sacrificing some performance aspects. < / P > < p > in addition, according to the latest report released by counterpoint research, a global research organization, China is currently the world’s largest consumer electronics exporter, with Smartphone Production Accounting for nearly 90% of the world. It not only digests the huge domestic demand, but also exports 70% of domestic smart phones to the global market. The smartphone industry is expected to pick up in 2020, and the tablet touch and vehicle touch shipment is expected to maintain a growth rate of 10-20% in the next two years. Hong Jiajun of Societe Generale Securities pointed out that under the valuation repair, it actively laid out core assets and was optimistic about the recovery of demand in the fourth quarter. People in the industry say that the biometric function of smart phones has become an important part of the consumer experience. Among various schemes, the comprehensive competitiveness of fingerprint under optical screen is the strongest, and it takes the lead to seize the market. With the wave of comprehensive screen, off screen fingerprint has become an inevitable trend of mobile phone innovation. At present, most of the mobile phone manufacturers in the world have adopted the fingerprint scheme under the optical screen. With the rapid penetration of off screen fingerprint technology, the dominant companies in the industrial chain have good investment opportunities. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities