In recent years, smart logistics has some new features and developed many typical application scenarios. Enterprises are speeding up their development around the combination of industrial chain and innovation chain. As an Internet logistics mall, huolala integrates social transport capacity resources through sharing mode, realizes real-time intelligent scheduling of multiple models, and meets the needs of different scenarios of individual and enterprise multi business.

“It’s hard for drivers to find goods, and it’s hard for shippers to find cars.” the traditional freight mode has many pain points, such as low efficiency, high cost, and opacity, which calls for the arrival of a new freight mode. In 2014, huolala rose. Supported by mobile Internet, big data, cloud, artificial intelligence and other technologies, huolala platform realized the socialized transformation of stock resources and maximized utilization of idle vehicles.

It is easy to find goods and increase income. This is a general feeling of drivers in the mode of “Internet plus logistics”.

“In the past, I used to squat in the wholesale market and at the gate of the residential area. I got up early and felt dark. At the end of the day, I would run two or three orders. After delivery, I often came back empty and burned oil for nothing. Now every morning sitting at home holding a mobile phone to grab a single and then go out, more diligent, a day can run up to 8-10 single. Every time you arrive at the last destination, it won’t be long before you get the next order. ” Master Wang, a driver who lives in Longhua, Shenzhen, is one of the drivers who joined the platform. He used to do the business of building materials and joined the platform a few years ago. His working mode has changed from “lying down” to “grabbing orders” online.

Cargo owners also praise the goods. “Yes, fast, good and flat” is the key word given by most self-employed businessmen. After one click order, the platform shares 480000 active drivers, and the driver will receive the order within 30 seconds, which is “yes”; the nearby vehicle receiving the order can arrive at the receiving place within 5 minutes, which is “fast”; the platform driver takes the post only after receiving systematic training, and the service standard is unified, which is “good”; the charges are standardized and transparent, which is “flat”.

Logistics industry is the basic and strategic industry supporting the development of national economy. In the era of consumption upgrading, people pay more attention to the speed and convenience of goods transportation while pursuing the safety of goods. The “Internet plus logistics” mode of the cargo platform has effectively reduced the communication cost between the users and drivers. At the same time, there are many types of vehicles, such as the van to the 13 meter truck, to meet the individual consumer demand of different consumers.

At the same time, the intelligent real-time scheduling of Internet logistics faces many challenges. Compared with passenger transport, freight transport is more difficult and complicated. For example, the volume and weight of goods are different, and it also involves a variety of models, such as small area, compartment and so on. In order to achieve more efficient vehicle cargo matching, freight Lala must further improve the digital intelligence level of people, vehicles, goods and roads.