In 2007, the world’s first sedan SUV, BMW X6, was born, followed by the major car companies, which led to the subsequent Mercedes Benz gle coupe, cayenne coupe, Audi Q8 and other models. A few days ago, Mercedes Benz’s new generation of gle Coupe was officially launched. The new car is equipped with 2.0t/2.5t two kinds of power, a total of four models, the price range is 788800-917800 yuan. < / P > < p > as a replacement model, the whole series of gle adopts the latest family style design both in appearance and interior. The front face is full of star type air intake grille with Mercedes Benz starlight logo, which is very recognizable. At the same time, it is surrounded by movement, with aerodynamic design underneath. < / P > < p > the side is the essence of a new car. The body line drops sharply at the rear of the car and looks more fashionable. In addition, the small size spoiler at the rear makes the whole vehicle sporty. < / P > < p > one of the biggest changes of the new car is the interior decoration. Finally, the “iPhone 18” double 12.3-inch Dalian screen is used, with four rectangular air-conditioning outlets below, which can be said that classical and technological coexist. In the power part, 350 series models are equipped with 2.0T engine, which can output 258hp / 350n · m; 450 series models are equipped with 2.5t six cylinder engine + 48V light mixing system, which can output 367hp / 500N · M. Matching 9at transmission and full-time 4WD. < p > < p > it is reported that the 2.5t in-line six cylinder engine has the same power parameters as the 3.0T six cylinder engine on Mercedes Benz gle. The manufacturer said that this engine uses electronic supercharger, which improves the turbine hysteresis at low speed. At present, Audi Q8 and the third generation BMW X6 have been put on the market for sale. As of the end of July, the sales of Audi Q8 and BMW X6 are 4651 and 1919 respectively. As for whether the new Mercedes Benz gle coupe can catch up, it still needs to be verified by the market. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days