The new car is equipped with 1.5t/2.0t two kinds of power, a total of six models. Each model has a “standard” luxury version and a “big standard” sports version. The sales volume is 430800-642800 yuan. Although the new car is a mid-term model, it has a great change in appearance, which can be called a replacement. The appearance of the new car adopts the same design language as the new S-class. The internal structure of the “triangle eye” headlamp is more complex. The high-level version has geometric multi beam headlights, and the central mesh area is larger than that of the current models. The overall appearance is younger and more fashionable. < / P > < p > the new cars still offer the “logo” luxury version and the “big standard” sports version. The former uses the all sky star and AMG sports kit, while the latter uses the well-designed small S-class. < / P > < p > the new Mercedes Benz S-class interior is earth shaking, but the new E-class does not use that set of design language. It is still a double 12.25 inch Dalian screen. The latest mbux system not only provides touch screen control, but also adds a touch panel, which is more convenient to operate. In the power part, e 260 L is equipped with 1.5 T four cylinder engine + 48 V light mixing system, with the maximum power of 184 HP; e 300 L is equipped with 2.0 T low power engine with maximum power of 258 HP; e 350 L is equipped with 2.0 T high power engine + 48 V light mixing system, with the maximum power of 299 HP. < / P > < p > all models are equipped with 9at transmission, and high configuration models are equipped with four-wheel drive system. The suspension type of new car is front multi link independent suspension and rear multi link independent suspension. < / P > < p > there is no doubt that as a mid-term model change, the new E-class change is huge. The appearance of a younger sport will also make it easier for “houlang” people to accept. At the same time, the interior decoration continues the luxurious atmosphere similar to S-class. As for whether the new E-class can really play its advantages in place, we still need to give it to the market to verify. Global Tech